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Oct 4th, 2008 - #56.6 What if...
cinderfuckinrella: (now what)
I can't handle this anymore. It's driving me crazy. "Elevator music." I need to know, but...

...what if he's bad news, but what if he was wonderful? What if I got in with the wrong guys, but what if I found the right man?

"Ummm three." What kinda guy does a hooker like me meet, but what if he was one in a million? And those kinda guys, they don't marry you, they don't fork out a small fortune on a ring, but what if I got lucky? They just screw you and pay you, but what if he didn't? He's not gonna be what I want him to be, but what if he is?

"Yes marriages. Wait... You're kidding! 'Bridge over troubled waters' again." It was him, he gave me these scars. It's bound to be, guys like that, girls like me, it's what happens, but what if he didn't?

"Come ooooon, running out of quarters here." What kinda guy wouldn't have bothered to come and find me, but what if he tried? What if it was him that put me there, what if he did it to me, but what if he didn't even know?

"Yes, New York." What if that was him, that... that thing, that monster, but what if it wasn't, what if he'd have killed it?

"Finally. Vivian Ward." He's not going to love you Viv, you're dreaming, but what if he does? There's no happy ending to be found here.

"No, I don't know. I had an accident, lost my memory." Drop it, don't chase it, don't set yourself up. I don't need this, those memories, these dreams, they're never going to stop. I'm so scared, but what if he can take them away?

What if...
he loves me.

"No, no I.D."

What if I fucking can't find out anyway, because I don't exist anymore.

"Thanks for nothing pal. Now I'm four bucks down."

Muse: Vivian Ward
Fandom: Pretty Woman
Word Count: 310
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