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How important is love to your muse? Are they the type of person who uses and abuses only to cast others away like toys when they are tired of them? Are they looking for their soulmate in life, or have they already found them? It's your turn to talk about love.

Firstly, one of the reasons that I've chosen this particular prompt, is because anyone reading Vivian's prompts is understandably not going to know what the hell is going on with her. I have been roleplaying Vivian for nearly four years, and for that period have kept her on a real time linear journey, regardless of community changes. As you can imagine, four years of pan fandom roleplay is a long time and she has inevitably come a long way from canon. Her initial canon incidentally was from the beginning of the movie Pretty Woman (there was no Richard Gere millionaire to sweep her off her feet in Vivian's storyline) and as such she was a nineteen year old hooker working Hollywood Boulevard with her best friend and roomie Kit de Luca. Given, that she is new to 'writers muses', this is the perfect opportunity to provide some backstory, both pre-canon improvisations and post-canon events.

Vivian, from the very beginning was a romantic, albeit a cynical one... )

Muse: Vivian Ward
Fandom: Pretty Woman
Word Count: 1652
cinderfuckinrella: (cinderella)
Woohoo! New layout for Viv! And I will add at this juncture that I'm damned proud of it, even if there are a still a few tweaky things pending responses at the s2flexisquares comm from theme layer geniuses.

I haven't had chance to mess about in Photoshop and be knee deep in code for yonks, so I had a complete geekfest today with it!

So yay! No more reason for posting than to say 'Go me! Ain't it purdy!' XD

Oooh edit, there is actually another reason. I come bearing two new Top icons for Viv's husband aswell! Annoying thing about that movie is that it's so damned dark for nearly the entire duration and therefore impossible to get loads of delicious screenshots that translate well to iconage, even with contrast, saturation, brightness and levels fiddled with to high hell.

I won't mention that the pic of Julia was swiped from a picture of her kissing a horse! Shhhh...don't tell Top.

PS: I think my new ooc icon is my best yet *g*
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